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Parish Organizations

Block Rosary Apostolate
Mr. Dave Fuire

Catholic Action Committee
Mr. Bob Tarnowski

Confraternity of Christian Mothers
Meets every First Saturday
Mrs. Vanessa Bogensberger

Confraternity of Mary Immaculate Queen
Mr. Larry Little

Fathers’ Group
Mr. Steven Sanborn

Handmaids of the Queen Sodality
Sr. Michael Marie, CMRI
467-0986 ext. 119

Children of Mary (Grades 2-4)
Sr. Maria Regina, CMRI
467-0986 ext. 175

Messengers of the Immaculate Heart (Grades 5-8)
Sr. Giovanna Marie, CMRI
467-0986 ext. 125/169

Holy Name Society (Ushers)
Mr. Stephen Tarnoczy (pro tem)

Knights of the Altar
Fr. Casimir Puskorius, CMRI (868-5881)

Parish Choir
Mr. John Netzel

Sacred Heart League
Andrea Green
467-0986 ext. 100