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Mass Schedule and Announcements

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Date  Time  Mass / Intention Servers
Sun., July 20 
(St. Jerome Emiliani)
8:00 am
10:30 am
5:00 pm
5:00 pm
Pro Populo - High Mass
For Mr. and Mrs. James Farrell (J. Farrell)
R.I.P. Erin Vila (T. Sullivan)
In Tri-Cities - private intention (Call 509-948-2559 for information)
D. House & R.Sitzenstock
T. Netzel & J. Pulliam
M. Zver
Mon., July 21
(St. Praxedes, Virgin)
7:00 am R.I.P. Irene Kosch (S. Waco) Bro. Sebastian
Tue., July 22
St. Mary Magdalen, Penitent
7:00 am
8:00 am
9:00 am (Grotto)
7:30 pm
In honor of St. Joseph (CMRI)
private intention
to Leo Farrell (J. Farrell) Holy Hour
Mr. C. South
B. Pulliam & D. Cyr
G. & G. Dinaro
Bro. Sebastian, R. Sitzenstock & T. Netzel
Wed., July 23 
St. Apollinaris, Bishop & Martyr
7:00 am
8:00 am
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ornich (J. Farrell)
private intention
Mr. P. Sarquilla
M. Isakson
Thu., July 24
(St. Christina, Virgin &Martyr)
7:00 am
8:00 am
In thanksgiving to St. Anthony for favors received (T. Gallegos)
private intention
Mr. B. Magerl
D. Scherling & Z. Gunning
Fri., July 25 
St. James the Greater, Apostle
(St. Christopher, Martyr & Patron of Travelers)
7:00 am
8:00 am
Pro populo
private intention
Mr. C. South
B. Pulliam & J. Pulliam
Sat., July 26
St. Anne, Mother of BVM
8:00 am
Pro populo
Wedding & Nuptial Mass for Joseph Morgan & Melissa Urann
Mr. K. Bawden
T. Netzel & D. House
Sun., July 27
(St. Pantaleon, Martyr)
8:00 am
10:30 am
5;00 pm
Pro Populo
private intention -High Mass
For Dennis Sullivan (T. Sullivan)
J. Muglia & P. Gilchrist
S. Welp & Gabriel Valentine
Mr. K. Strain

July is the month of the Precious Blood

Prayer for Vocations

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst take to Thyself a body and soul like ours, to teach us the glory of self-sacrifice and service, mercifully deign to instill in other hearts the desire to dedicate their lives to Thee. Give us PRIESTS to stand before Thine Altar and to preach the words of Thy Gospel; BROTHERS to assist the priests and to reproduce in themselves Thy humility; SISTERS to teach the young and nurse the sick and to minister Thy charity to all; LAY PEOPLE to imitate Thee in their homes and families. Amen. (7 years indulgence each time recited; a plenary indulgence if recited daily for an entire month.)

See other Parish Devotions and Prayers on separate web page.

(July 13, 2014)
St. Anthony's Poor Box
Rosary Apostolate
Parish in Russia
  $ 4,401.23
$ 63.58
$ 58.33
$ 93.33
Thank you for your Support!

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE SICK AND HOUSEBOUND - Leon Carpenter, Mario Chadorowski, Irene Cram, Nichole Drahman, Brian Green, John Griffen, Teresa Magerl, Frank Medina, Alice Melacci, Alan & Karen Port, John Sawtell, Theresa Scherling, Virginia Scherling, Eugene Stone, Bob Tarnowski, Anna Turney, Mike Wagner, Dan Welp, Larry Walker, David Womochil, Michelle Woods.

LIST OF MILITARY - Steven Bittner, Robert Bogensberger, Patrick Crockford, Charles Edwards, Matthew Edwards, Jerry Harding, Chris Kosel, Michael Lewis, Alan Migala, Richard Ramirez, Jr., Anthony Sarquilla, Joachim Zver and John Zver.

CONGRATULATIONS! To Bill and Linda Bittner, who celebrated their Golden Jubilee of Marriage. Also, to Michael and Kirsti Bogensberger, who were united in the bonds of Holy Matrimony on Friday here at Mt. St. Michael!

BANNS OF MARRIAGE – announced for the third time for Joseph Morgan and Miss Melissa Urann, both members of our parish. If you are aware of any impediments to this marriage, you are bound in conscience to notify the pastor as soon as possible. Let us pray fervently for this couple as they prepare to receive the holy Sacrament of Matrimony.

SECOND COLLECTION TODAY This is the second of three collections we take up annually for the support of Fr. Alexander Kryssov’s parish in Moscow, Russia. Thank you for helping to keep a traditional Catholic open in the country of Russia.

CAMP ST. PHILOMENA - This summer camp for girls is taking place here at the Mount from July 22-29. We welcome all the out-of-town girls who will be attending!

ST. MICHAEL'S UNIFORM SHOP will be open on Mondays from 9-12 or by appointment. Please call Joanna Gilchrist at 828-2050.

GRADE SCHOOL YEARBOOKS ARE READY. The pre-ordered grade school yearbooks are ready and may be picked up in the school/parish office. The cost is $10. If you did not order one, there are a limited number of extras, but they are first-come, first-served.

BAKE SALE FOR NICHOLE DRAHMAN - The class of 2015 is continuing the Textiles Drive. Please leave unwanted items in the porter station. We are accepting clothing, fabric, shoes and books. Thank you for your support.

MEN ONLY CHOIR! Men willing and able to sing for a one time all-male choir are invited to join in for (3) preparatory rehearsals and one Mass. This is a great opportunity for those who wish they could be in choir but due to a busy schedule can’t make the regular commitment. The rehearsals are Wednesday from 7pm-9pm on August 6th, 13th, 20th, with 10:30 a.m. Mass on Aug 24th. Please call John to RSVP at (509) 953-0816. Knowing who is coming ahead of time will be most helpful in selecting the most comfortable and beautiful music for our Lord.

VIGIL LIGHTS - Please don’t bring your own candles to burn in the votive candle racks! When non-standard candles are used, they are more apt to overheat and crack the glass holder.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER? Please inform the parish secretary so that the parish list can be kept as accurate as possible. Thank you.

DRESS CODE FOR MAIN BUILDING – You are asked to make the consistent effort to observe the dress code in the building. Women and girls, dresses that cover the knee and appropriate top (if need be, carry an extra wraparound dress in the car to use when needed). Men and boys, no shorts or tank tops (carry a pair of sweat pants or the like in the car to use when needed).

HOLY ROSARY CEMETERY – Remember that our cemetery is a sacred place, and was solemnly consecrated by the Bishop (in 1993). Only those who are practicing traditional Catholics are permitted to be buried in the section that was consecrated. When visiting the cemetery, always conduct yourself in a reverent and prayerful spirit.

SUNDAY SERMONS AVAILABLE ON CD – Would you like an audio copy of a recent sermon? Order forms are available in the vestibule.

Church Decorum

Please see the Dress Code for attendance at Mass at Mount St. Michael.

Our decorum at Holy Mass can give greater honor and glory to Almighty God, give good example and edification to others, and increase our faith and devotion to the Real Presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The following are practical examples of the rule of decorum we should observe in church:

• Always dress in a manner appropriate to divine worship.
• Be on time for the start of Mass.
• Upon entering the church, bless yourself with holy water (using the right hand). Genuflect on the right knee in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
• Avoid using the center aisle, especially if Mass has begun. Use the side aisle and fill toward the center.
• The last three pews in the church should be reserved for families with small children and those who may have to leave the church during Mass. Baby toys, food items, gum, and strollers are always inappropriate in church.
• During Communion, please keep the line moving in a pious and orderly manner. Promote piety and prayerful contemplation by folding the hands in a pious manner.
• At the end of Mass, allow the celebrant to leave the altar before exiting the church. Make sure to genuflect to the Blessed Sacrament when leaving.

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