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Mass Schedule and Announcements

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Date  Time  Mass / Intention Servers
Sun., September 14 - EXALTATION OF THE CROSS (14th Sunday after Pentecost) 8:00 am

10:30 am
5:00 pm
5:00 pm (Tri-Cities)
Pro Populo

in honor of St. Philomena (Dinaro family)
private intention
 private intention (Call 509-948-2559 for information)
J. Muglia &
R. Sitzenstock
P.J. & D. Scherling
M. Zver
Mon., September 15 - SEVEN SORROWS B.V.M. (St. Nicomedes) 6:40 am
11:05 am
for Ed Knoll & his intentions (J. & A.M. Netzel)
for the most abandoned soul in Purgatory (anon.)
Bro. Sebastian
P. Gilchrist & B. Pulliam
Tue., September 16 - Sts. Cornelius, Pope & Cyprian, Bishop, Martyrs 6:40 am
11:05 am
7:30 pm
for Anthony Graham (M. Graham)
in thanksgiving to St. Anne for blessings on our wedding day (J. & M. Morgan)

Holy Hour
Mr. C. South
Mr. B. Magerl

Bro. Sebastian, P. Drahman, R. Sitzenstock
Wed., September 17 -  Stigmata of St. Francis (Ember Wednesday) FAST & PARTIAL ABSTINENCE FROM MEAT 6:40 am for Steve Waco (Dinaro family)  Mr. P. Sarquilla
Thu., September 18 -St. Joseph of Cupertino, Confessor 6:40 am
11:05 am
R.I.P. John Sawtell (T. & M.A. Drahman)
R.I.P. Stephen Keating & Poor Souls (M. & I. Wagner)
Mr. C. South
Mr. B. Magerl
Fri., September 19 - St. Januarius & Comp., Marytrs (Ember Friday) FAST & COMPLETE ABSTINENCE FROM MEAT 6:40 am
11:05 am
R.I.P. Raymond N. Gallegos (T. Gallegos)
for Kieffer, Lizzy, and Luke Graham (M. Graham)
Bro. Sebastian
D. House &
D. Scherling
Sat., September 20 - St. Eustace & Comp., Martyrs (Ember Saturday) FAST & PARTIAL ABSTINENCE FROM MEAT 8:00 am R.I.P. Patrick & Margarette Madden / Antonio & Maria Zappa (J. Edwards) Mr. P. Scherling &
. House
Sun., September 21 -ST. MATTHEW, Apostle (15th Sunday after Pentecost) 8:00 a.m. 
10:30 a.m. 
5:00 p.m. 
Pro Populo – High Mass
for priests & for vocations to the priesthood (Alter Christus Confraternity)
in reparation for the terrible insult to God of the Black Mass in Oklahoma City, 
followed by Exposition of Blessed Sacrament and Holy Hour of Reparation
G. & G. Dinaro
T. Netzel & J. Pulliam
T. Migala
As Assigned

September is the Month of Our Mother of Sorrows.  14th Sunday after Pentecost- Septemer 14, 2014

(Sept. 7, 2014)
St. Anthony's Poor Box
Rosary Apostolate
Parish in Russia
   $ 4,244.78
$ 133.45
$ 25.00
$ 115.00

Thank you for your Support!


PARISH SICK – These parishioners are greatly failing and are in special need of your prayers: Leon Carpenter, Mario Chodorowski, Irene Cram, Nichole Drahman, Brian Green, John Griffen, Teresa Magerl, Frank Medina, Alice Melacci, Alan & Karen Port,Theresa Scherling, Virginia Scherling, Eugene Stone, Bob Tarnowski, Anna Turney, Mike Wagner, Dan Welp, Larry Walker, David Womochil, Michelle Woods

Our Parish members Serving in the Military: Steven Bittner, Robert Bogensberger, Patrick Crockford, Charles Edwards, Matthew Edwards, Jerry Harding, Chris Kosel, Michael Lewis, Alan Migala, Richard Ramirez, Jr., Anthony Sarquilla, Joachim Zver and John Zver.

* - Indicates new since last bulletin

DRESS CODE FOR MAIN BUILDING – Please make a consistent effort to observe the dress code in the building: Women and girls - dresses that cover the knee and appropriate top (if need be, carry an extra wraparound dress in the car to use when needed). Men and boys - no shorts or tank tops (carry a pair of sweat pants or the like in the car to use when needed).

SECOND COLLECTION NEXT SUNDAY - On September 21st we will have the last of three collections we take up annually for the support of Fr. Alexander Kryssov's parish in Moscow, Russia. Thank you for keeping a traditional Catholic chapel open in the country of Russia!

PRIEST TRAVELS – Fr. Casimir is on Mass circuit this weekend to Redmond, OR & Tri-Cities.

EXALTATION OF THE CROSS – Today, September 14, is the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. The relic of the True Cross will be offered for veneration
after the Masses today. Remember that our honoring of it is a veneration we give to Our Crucified Lord and Savior: “We adore Thee, O Christ, and we praise
Thee, because by Thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the world.”

BANNS OF MARRIAGE – The Banns of Marriage are announced for the second time for Shane Stack and Miss Jessica Vila, both members of our parish. If you are aware of any impediments to this marriage, you are bound in conscience to notify the pastor as soon as possible. Please pray for this couple as they
prepare to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony on September 27.

HELP NEEDED - Mrs. Irene Cram is looking for someone to help her on Wednesdays or Fridays. She can pay $10/hr. Please call her at 487-4510.

DISHES AT THE RECTORY - if you have ever provided a meal to the rectory and did not get your dishes back, please call Shelly Johnson at 509-844-7936
to pick them up.

SUNDAY CATECHISM CLASSES – These classes are offered for children who do not attend St. Michael’s Academy. The classes take place every Sunday,
9:30-10:20 a.m., unless announced otherwise. First class is on September 7. Please register your children with the Sisters after Mass today if you have not
done so already. The information sheet with teachers, class locations, class content, and schedule is posted on the bulletin board.

FOUND - MAN’S WEDDING RING - a man’s wedding ring was found on the front lawn. If you can describe it, please call the parish office.

WORKPARTY - NEED HELP - there is a workparty scheduled for next Saturday, September 20th from 10 to 1 p.m. Lunch will be provided. We are needing
help in cleaning out a couple of storage rooms and moving Christmas storage. If you would like to help please call Mrs. Netzel at 467-0986 x100 or Sr. Renee
Marie at 467-1077 so we know how many we are feeding. This is a great Parent Service hour opportunity or GOAL hour job. Parishioners are also welcome to
help. Thank you.

MIQ’S ANNUAL SCHOOL AUCTION - and Tri-Tip Steak BBQ Dinner is Saturday, Sept. 27th at 4:30 p.m. Please join us for an evening of delicious food, exciting entertainment, silent auction and good friends. Cost is $25 per person. Call Rosalinda at (208) 687-0290 or Jerolyn at (509) 844-4058 to make reservations.

EMBER DAYS - The Ember Days are set aside four times each year as special days of prayer and penance.Those 21 through 59 years of age are obliged to keep the fast (one main meal only, taken after noon, and two other small meatless meals which together would not equal a regular main meal. Eating between meals is not permitted. Those 7 years of age and older are obliged to observe partial abstinence (meat only at main meal) on Wednesday and Saturday, and complete abstinence on Friday. The purpose of the Ember Days' prayers and penance is (1) To consecrate the Four Seasons of the year; (2) To beg God the preservation of the fruits of the earth; (3) To thank Him for those already given us; (4) And to beseech Him to give good priests to His Church, the usual days for ordaining priests being the Ember Saturdays.

HEART DEFIBRILLATOR NEEDED - If you are in a financial position to do so, we ask in your charity to donate towards the purchase of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) unit, for medical emergencies. This may save your life or the life of someone you love. Centerally located on the 2nd floor, the AED will be available for the school and parish, and anyone else that might have a heart emergency at the Mount. Total amount is approximately $2000 + tax. Please contact the parish secretary if you can help. Thank you.

TO THE PARISH -  One doner has given $100 toward the purchase of an AED Machine. He would like to challenge 190 people to donate just $10 towards the purchase of the machine. If 190 people would give $10 we would have it. Thank you for your support.

FEASTS OF OUR LADY THIS MONTH – Three major feasts of Our Lady occur: her Nativity on the 8th, the Most Holy Name of Mary on the 12th, and her Seven Sorrows on the 15th. There are also lesser feasts as well, such as Our Lady of Ransom on the 24th. Special days to honor our Heavenly Queen and Mother! From the Roman Breviary, a beautiful acclamation for the feast of her Nativity: Thy birth, O Virgin Mother of God, announced joy to all the world. For from thee hast risen the Sun of justice, Christ our God, Who, having taken away the curse, bestowed blessing, and having triumphed over death, gave us life
everlasting. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. For from thee hast risen of Sun of justice, Christ our God. 

AUCTION KICK OFF MEETING!!! Please join us for coffee this Friday, Sept 12th, at 8:15 a.m. at the Lodgard’s home, 5509 E Orchard Rd. All are welcome and encouraged to help! Any questions, please contact Ronette at 993-6255.

REPARATION NEEDED FOR HORRENDOUS OFFENSE AGAINST GOD - sad to say, a public "Black Mass" is scheduled to take place at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City, on Sunday, September 21, at 7:00 p.m. Central time. Please sign an online protest petition at, The 5 p.m. Mass will be offered in reparation, and will be followed immediately by a Holy Hour of Reparation. Remember that when we were making a Holy Hour of Reparation in May for a scheduled Black Mass at Harvard University, the blasphemous event was entirely cancelled. Let us hope and pray for the same this time!

ANNUAL FATIMA CONFERENCE - make plans now to attend the annual Fatima Conference! It will be held here at Mt. St. Michael from Wednesday, October 8 through Sunday, October 12. Please be sure to make reservations; you can pick up a registration form with event details from the rack in the vestibule.
If you have questions, please contact Sr. Renee Marie at (509) 467-0986 x102.

MONTHLY DAY OF PRAYER AND PENANCE - Lets devote our First Friday of every Month to pray and offer up sacrifices for vocations and the perseverence of our priests and relgious in their holy vocation. Also, please include the sick and housebound of the parish in this special rememberence as well.

MONTHLY MEETINGS – The usual meetings for the Confraternity of Christian Mothers, Knights of the Altar, Handmaids of the Queen, and Messengers of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will take place on First Saturday, after the 8 a.m. Mass and 15-minute meditation on the Mysteries of the Rosary.

ROOM 200 NO LONGER BABY-SITTING ROOM - For a couple of years we have been trying to allocate a room for as a museum for St. Michael's artifacts, and have recently decided to make it Room 200. Hence, babysitting will not be available to the same extent as before. Instead, babysitting will be done in Room 204, once the Christmas decoration storate has been removed. On occasion, when a larger room is needed for babysitting, one of the classrooms will be made available.

DOWNTOWN FATIMA ROSARY MARCH - On the 13th of each month, from May to October, we have a Rosary March, beginning at the corner of Mallon and Howard at 6:30 p.m. All are invited to take part in this powerful prayer and important witness to Faith. Please dress appropriately to this religious event, i.e. women and girls please wear dresses; men and boys, no shorts.

ST. MICHAEL'S UNIFORM SHOP will be open on Mondays from 9-12 or by appointment. Please call Joanna Gilchrist at 828-2050.

HOLY ROSARY CEMETERY – Remember that our cemetery is a sacred place, and was solemnly consecrated by the Bishop (in 1993). Only those who are practicing traditional Catholics are permitted to be buried in the section that was consecrated. When visiting the cemetery, always conduct yourself in a reverent and prayerful spirit.

SUNDAY SERMONS AVAILABLE ON CD – Would you like an audio copy of a recent sermon? Order forms are available in the vestibule.

SOME THOUGHTS ON VIDEO GAMES AND COMPUTERS (from Love & Logic)- Over the past two decades, video and computer games have become dramatically more fast-paced, realistic, and stimulating. Not long after their introduction, I began to suspect that these games had the same addictive potential as drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Today, family therapists and researchers have confirmed my fears. Listed below are some tips for helping your child avoid getting hooked:

• Don’t allow your children to have a computer in their room.
• Allow them to play these games no longer than thirty minutes per day.
• If your child becomes sneaky, noncompliant, or defiant about this time limit, remove this privilege.
• Children birth to six should spend no time playing these games, watching videos, or viewing television.

So-called “educational” games, videos, and shows are no substitute for real-life learning activities, involving movement, problem-solving, and human relationships.

Church Decorum

Please see the Dress Code for attendance at Mass at Mount St. Michael.

Our decorum at Holy Mass can give greater honor and glory to Almighty God, give good example and edification to others, and increase our faith and devotion to the Real Presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. The following are practical examples of the rule of decorum we should observe in church:

• Always dress in a manner appropriate to divine worship.
• Be on time for the start of Mass.
• Upon entering the church, bless yourself with holy water (using the right hand). Genuflect on the right knee in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
• Avoid using the center aisle, especially if Mass has begun. Use the side aisle and fill toward the center.
• The last three pews in the church should be reserved for families with small children and those who may have to leave the church during Mass. Baby toys, food items, gum, and strollers are always inappropriate in church.
• During Communion, please keep the line moving in a pious and orderly manner. Promote piety and prayerful contemplation by folding the hands in a pious manner.
• At the end of Mass, allow the celebrant to leave the altar before exiting the church. Make sure to genuflect to the Blessed Sacrament when leaving.

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