Dress Code

Out of respect for the Blessed Sacrament, and in keeping with Christian modesty, please observe the following standards of dress:

Women and Girls

  1. A suitable hat or veil should be used, that covers at least the crown of the head (I Cor. 11:5, 6, 10).
  2. No slacks, no sleeveless, revealing, or low-cut clothing (the Marylike Crusade’s standard is that a dress be not cut more than two fingers’ width below pit of throat).
  3. Dresses & skirts should cover knees when you are standing or sitting, and not have long slits in them.
  4. Strapless or spaghetti-strap clothing is always sinfully immodest and should never be worn.
  5. Please avoid “straight skirts” as well, since they are usually form-fitting and tight.

Men and Boys

  1. Suit coat and tie, dress slacks, or other formal attire.
  2. Jeans, shorts, “flip-flops,” and other casual attire are inappropriate for church!
  3. Be sure to also avoid clothing with logos and/or large lettering, as these can be quite distracting.