Parish Organizations

Catholic Action CommitteeMrs. Ana Maggio
Confraternity of Christian MothersMrs. Susan MurryMeets on 1st Saturday of every month
Confraternity of Mary Immaculate QueenMr. Tom DrahmanMeets on 2nd Saturday of every month
Handmaids of the Queen SodalitySr. Marie Vianney, CMRI467-0986, x 119
Messengers of the Immaculate Heart (gr. 5-8)Sr. Mary Angela, CMRI467-0986, x 154
Children of Mary (gr. 2-4)Sr. Mary Teresita, CMRI467-0986, x 169
Holy Name Society (Ushers)Mr. Stephen Tarnoczy
Knights of the Altar (Altar Servers)Brother Thomas, CMRI 868-5867
Parish Choir Mr. Tim DuffWednesday practices 7-8:30 p.m. (except during summer)
Boys' ScoutsMr. John Bullivant, Scout Master