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aerial view of Mount St. Michael

In 2015 Mount St. Michael will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its beloved church, which has been a wonderful blessing to generations.

Moreover, Mount St. Michael itself, finished in 1915, has been awarded historical status, but is desperately in need of repair. It is therefore time to restore and preserve our beautiful and historic building and other structures for “The Next 100 Years”!

Placing our trust in God, we have found renewed faith. We are working together to build a consensus from a host of ideas and opinions. Our goal is to create a restoration plan that preserves and enhances St. Michael’s Church and Academy. Now we must raise the funds to achieve our goal and continue the restoration plan for 2010: The Storm Window Campaign 2010.

Raising the necessary funds swiftly and working efficiently, we look forward to completing Phase I and Phase II of the storm window campaign by winter of 2010. This covers the 138 windows of the west wing of the Mount. We will repair, paint and recaulk in Phase I. Phase II is to purchase and install new storm windows.

The religious, staff and students at Mount St. Michael will honor the faith and generosity of those who contribute to restore and preserve the magnificence of our historical buildings.

Donations may be made by credit card or check. Even small donations will be gratefully received and benefactors will be remembered in a special way in the prayers of the Sisters.

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