Historic Mount St. Michael is a 100-year-old building that needs lots of TLC.
As with any structure of this age, there are many ongoing projects and maintenance issues at any given time, many of which are handled by our paid maintenance man. Obviously, however, one man cannot possibly handle all the work that this building requires. Other projects require additional labor, both skilled and unskilled, much of which is provided by parents who offer their work as payment towards the tuition of their children in our school and by our generous parish volunteers. (See this page for a list of current projects.)
But beyond our day-to-day maintenance issues, we have other needs arising from the deterioration of the structure of the building and the fact that Mount St. Michael is on the National Historic Registry. This status means that repairs and restoration of this beautiful edifice can only be made by qualified experts who are experienced in the restoration of historic buildings. And, of course, hiring such professionals requires a large amount of money.