Mount St. Michael Volunteer Projects

TWO BIG PROJECTS to be completed by the end of summer (only a few people have offered to help)

Carpet re-stretching: The work begins on August 1 at 8:00 a.m.  Please, if you can help even for a few hours, lots of muscle will be required to get this done. We will be working the 1st through the 4th during the priests’ meeting in Omaha while there are no Masses scheduled here. All pews and statues need to be moved. Pews and kneelers will be repaired also. Please, your help is urgently needed.

West Wing Restroom Remodel

The bathroom remodel is underway and there is still much to do. We need extra help to get the project completed by the time school starts on August 29th. We really need skilled tradesmen to help: plumbers, electricians, and tile-setters. Please contact John Netzel right away to see where you can help on either project – don’t wait or think someone else is already doing it. Call (509) 953-0816.

Ken Kosch has graciously volunteered to take charge of the St. Joseph Maintenance Guild to make improvements around the Mount. Many of these projects, such as painting, require little or no training, while others may be for those who have experience in certain areas. Some projects that have already been completed include:

  • The transformation of the babysitting room — once used as the science classrooms by the Jesuits — into a Museum room. The carpet was pulled up and the original hardwood floors were restored to their original beauty. The walls were freshly painted and small and large artifacts into the Museum for all to see, just in time for its Grand Opening on January 17th.
  • The renovation of the 1st and 2nd floor restrooms, which included new paint, sinks and faucets. All of the restrooms in the Mount have original fixtures and are in great need of replacing. But with limited funds we can only do so much at a time.
  • Re-establishing Building 4 as St. Joseph’s Wood Shop.
  • Painting several classrooms.
  • Repairing the water damage to the Pre-School classroom.

Another project that is not quite complete is repainting the ceiling in the entrance of the Mount. Due to water damage and mold, the ceiling needed a lot of scraping and prep work before new plaster and molding could be put up. It is not quite finished, but soon the ceiling will look as good as it did 100 years ago.

To volunteer your help, or to learn more about projects at Mount St. Michael, you may contact Ken at 599-1262 or by email.