Mount St. Michael

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St. Michael’s Academy

St. Michael’s Academy (grades K-12) is a private traditional Catholic academy staffed by priests and Sisters of the Religious Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen. Founded in 1968, St. Michael’s has dedicated over 30 years to Catholic education.

Founded on Christian ethical principles, the Academy’s curriculum emphasizes fundamental skills and perpetuates the legacy of Western traditions. The faculty strives to develop solid academic skills in their students in the areas of reading, writing, arithmetic, speaking and critical thinking, as well as an appreciation for the fine arts.

For more information, please be sure to visit the Academy’s web site:

Principal of Grade School: Rev. Mother Mary Agnes, CMRI
        Phone: (509) 467-0986 ext. 118
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Principal of High School: Sister Marie Vianney, CMRI
        Phone: (509) 467-0986 ext. 110
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Registrar / Secretary
        Mrs. Anne Marie Netzel
        (509) 467-0986 ext. 100
        Fax: (509) 467-2425
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